2016 January Festival


Saturday 9 – Sunday 17 January 2016

We are delighted to announce our Festival programme for 2016! This year we are celebrating close personal and musical relationships, from the Schumann and Mendelssohn families through that of Fauré and his pupil Ravel to the pioneering folk collections of Bartok and Kodaly.

Our most popular concerts are now completely sold out (not even one, a small one, left!). Please note there is already a full waiting list for the Discovery Day and no waiting list for the other concerts.

Tickets on sale now!

Directions and useful information about all our venues can be found here.

Saturday 9 January, St Briavels Church

Mozart and Ravel

Ever a classicist, Ravel’s music sits well alongside that of Mozart. Two rarely-heard duo masterpieces precede perhaps the most famous viola quintet of them all.

4pm (doors open 3.30pm)

Mozart Sonata for Piano Duo in F, K497
Joseph Tong and Daniel Tong, piano

Ravel Duo for Violin and Cello
Tim Crawford, violin; Marie Bitlloch, cello

Mozart String Quintet in G minor, K516
Sara Wolstenholme, violin; Tim Crawford, violin; Rosalind Ventris, viola; Tom Hankey, viola; Hannah Sloane, cello

Tickets: not many left! Please phone 07813 612033 for availability as online sales now stopped. 


Sunday 10 January, Bishop’s Palace Hereford

Teacher and pupil unite for a day of Parisian masterpieces. Gabriel Fauré passed his own harmonic daring and purity of line to the young genius, Maurice Ravel. Expect a day vibrant in colour.

Fauré and Ravel I


Fauré Violin Sonata in A, op.13
Sara Trickey, violin; Daniel Tong, piano

Ravel La Valse
Joseph Tong and Daniel Tong, piano

Ravel Berceuse sur la nom de Fauré
Sara Bitlloch, violin; Daniel Tong, piano

Fauré Piano Quartet in C minor, op.15
Joseph Tong, piano; Sara Trickey, violin; Tom Hankey, viola; Hannah Sloane,cello
Introduced by 
Richard Wigmore

This concert is now sold out.


Fauré and Ravel II


There will be a pre-concert talk by Richard Wigmore about Fauré’s piano trio  


Fauré Piano Trio in D minor, op.120
Daniel Tong, piano; Sara Bitlloch, violin; Marie Bitlloch, cello

Ravel String Quartet in F
Sara Wolstenholme and Tim Crawford, violin; Rosalind Ventris, viola; Hannah Sloane, cello

Tickets: £12 adult/£5 student. Please note very limited ticket availability. Please phone to check/reserve: 07813 612033.


Thursday 14 January, Treowen Manor

Bach, Mendelssohn and Beyond I

Schumann and Mendelssohn both studied and revered the music of J S Bach. Late works by both follow music by the baroque master, interspersed with characteristically bold visions by Hungarian miniaturist, Gyorgy Kurtag.


Bach/Kurtag Works for Piano Duet
Simon Crawford-Phillips and Alasdair Beatson, piano

Bach/Kurtag Fugues and Microludes
Malin William-Olsson, violin; Matthew Truscott, violin; Tom Hankey, viola; Robin Michael, cello

Schumann Violin Sonata in D minor, op.121
Matthew Truscott, violin; Simon Crawford-Phillips, piano

Mendelssohn String Quintet in B flat, op.87
Malin Broman, violin; Sara Bitlloch, violin; Simone Jandl, viola; Yura Lee, viola; Alice Neary, cello

Tickets include drinks and canapés from 7pm.

This event is now sold out.

Treowen Manor, near Monmouth

Treowen Manor, near Monmouth

Saturday 16 January, Treowen Manor

Discovery Day, hosted by Stephen Walsh

In the 1830s and 40s a very close-knit musical community produced some of the greatest chamber music we have. As performers and composers, Clara Schumann and Fanny Mendelssohn were central to this group, alongside their respective husband and brother.

11.30am – 6.00pm

Mendelssohn Piano Trio in C minor, op.66
Alasdair Beatson, piano; Marie Bitlloch, cello; Yura Lee, violin

Mendelssohn String Quartet in E minor, op.44 no 2
Ruisi Quartet

Fanny Mendelssohn String Quartet in E flat
Sara Bitlloch, violin; Lucy Gould, violin; Simone Jandl, viola; Johannes Rostamo, cello

Clara Schumann Piano Trio in G minor op.17
Daniel Tong, piano; Florence Cooke, violin; Johannes Rostamo, cello

Schumann Piano Trio in F, op.80
Simon Crawford-Phillips, piano; Tom Hankey, violin; Marie Bitlloch, cello

Tickets include morning coffee from 11am, lunch, and afternoon tea.

This event is now sold out. 


Sunday 17 January, Hellens Manor

Our lunchtime concert picks up the Hungarian thread with two pioneering, folk-inspired works. The festival finale returns to the inspiration of J S Bach, ending with late Beethoven and one of his darkest and most impassioned utterances.

Bach, Mendelssohn and Beyond II


Pre-concert talk by Stephen Walsh


Bartok Violin Sonata no 2
Malin Broman, violin; Alasdair Beatson, piano

Kodaly Serenade, op.12
Ben Hancox, violin; Florence Cooke, violin; Malin William-Olsson, viola

Tickets: £12 adult/£5 student


Bach, Mendelssohn and Beyond III


There will be a pre-concert talk by Stephen Walsh


Mendelssohn String Quartet in F minor, op.80
Ben Hancox, violin; Malin William-Olsson, violin; Tom Dunn, viola; Alice Neary, cello

Shostakovich Piano Quintet in G minor, op.57
Ruisi Quartet; Daniel Tong, piano

Beethoven String Quartet in C sharp minor, op.131
Lucy Gould, violin; Tom Hankey, violin; Tom Dunn, viola; Robin Michael, cello

This event is now sold out.

Refreshments: £9 for lunch, £4.50 for afternoon tea, both paid for in advance only.