Summer Residency

About the Summer Residency: The next generation of Wye Valley Chamber Music artists

The Summer Residency – held for the first time in July 2015 – takes the tradition of music making fostered at the January Festival and seeks to pass this on to a new generation of chamber musicians. A combination of coaching, rehearsal and performance, the Residency offers emerging ensembles the chance to learn from and play alongside experienced tutors, culminating in public concerts. This approach aims to bridge the gap between academic study and the professional music world, offering young musicians not only master classes, but a platform for public performance in a festival atmosphere. The Residency is based at Treowen Manor, near Monmouth. Having been the home of the festival for several years now, it provides the perfect setting for our latest venture.

Recollections from our 2017 Residency

I can safely say I had one of the most profound musical experiences of my life working on the Messiaen with Marie. And the overall atmosphere was so inspiring and supportive. It was incredibly open and had a real sharing, honest and intelligent thread running throughout. From the musical discussion sessions, to the insightful and supportive lessons to the beautiful surroundings. The week took all of the positive elements of bigger chamber music courses and festivals, and managed miraculously to avoid any negative vibes of competitiveness, over-crowding or elitism. Also the food was 5-star!

Jessie Grimes, Jacquin Trio

The summer residency at Treowen Manor was such a new and extraordinary experience for me and my piano trio. From the moment we arrived, I immediately felt comfortable and inspired by the atmosphere created by the older and more experienced musicians. It was such a lovely week spent sharing music with others and getting the chance to perform not only as a trio but also as a quartet with Robin Ireland. Having also watched Robin play with the other tutors at the tutors’ concert (which was AMAZING!!), my understanding of musicianship has increased – and hopefully will continue to!

Innis Oirr Asano, Moody Trio

The experience I had during at Treowen was truly unforgettable. I was slightly nervous before arriving since this was my first chamber music course. However, the beautiful scenery and house in which we stayed in, as well as all the lovely people, really made me feel at home. It was such a refreshing and inspiring week, delving into a musically-intense, yet comforting environment. Even though our trio has been together for almost 6 years, the tutors – Dan, Robin, Marie and Micha – helped us to communicate and play even better as an ensemble, encouraging us to think about the story we wanted to portray through the music. It was an honour to be coached by them! I found the group discussions very useful because they helped me to think more about different aspects of music, such as the authenticity of music and dealing with nerves, and incorporate this thinking into my own performances. The whole week was organised very well and I especially enjoyed performing the Shostakovich and Mozart in the weekend concerts. Overall, I had a splendid time in Wales and what I miss is the most are the fantastic people and, of course, all the delicious food!

Tiffany Cheung, Moody Trio

My experience at the Residency was absolutely fantastic, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Not only did I have the opportunity to work and play with fantastic musicians, I also was able to make great friends. The hospitality I experienced at the Residency was extremely humbling. The hosts were extremely friendly, and the food that they produced was particularly outstanding! Attending Wye Valley provided me with new ways to approach music, and also gave me valuable performance opportunities.

David Shaw, Hayward Quartet

Naoko Senda of the Klee Quartet, one of our 2016 participants, had this to say about the residency:

The residency week at the Wye Valley Chamber Music Festival was an unforgettable experience for us. The warm atmosphere of the festival, initiated by everyone there, made it an ideal place to make chamber music; it was especially touching to see everyone participating equally, sharing the beautiful music and environment together.

Coachings and workshops were given every day, every tutor there was open and generous to share their understanding and experiences with us, to show us beautiful things in the music which were often very personal. We were encouraged to explore different perspectives of music-making, the more logical compositional and the more intimate ideas about life to make each performance, whether in concert or rehearsal, a fresh and inspiring experience for both performer and audience alike.

We are very grateful to have been able to be part of this unique festival and are sure that what we learnt there together will have make big difference to our quartet developments in the future. We would love to come back again!

Some of our musicians taking a break in the sunshine


Festival Finale at Bishop’s Palace, Hereford


2017 Summer Residency Open Day at Treowen Manor

Feasting at the 2017 Residency Open House